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Full lengths:
– Metro Cards (Ensemble Studio Theatre/Youngblood Production, Spring 2015, Bloodworks Reading 2014)

On an L Train that moves throughout time, Harry and Martina fall in and out of love along with the people around them, in an increasingly changing and unaffordable New York.


– It Takes a Moon (EST/Youngblood Bloodworks Reading 2013)

While New York City is reeling from Hurricane Sandy, an aspiring Star Wars novelist and office worker at an anti-bacterial wipes company is offered the job of his dreams, to write a series of new books for the Disney reboot of the classic film franchise. But when an intense new relationship forms with Casey, a new hire into the office, his ambitions, work and love all clash. Soon the people we know from our mundane office lives bleed into and become characters we grew up with and love from a galaxy far, far away…

it takes a moon

– Barn Burner (EST/Youngblood Bloodworks Reading 2012)

1999. Jesse, a 13 year old girl in suburbia influenced by a local writer for the World Wrestling Federation creates her own professional wrestling league to gain friends and influence in middle school. A slobber knocker about friendship, family and the high stakes of youth.

– Helicopters Inc. (EST/Youngblood Bloodworks Reading 2011)

Richard Arring is the CEO of Helicopters, Inc. A defense company on the front lines of American might in the middle of the 21st century. His assistant and two sons embark on a satirical romp through an American invented war in the Middle East that takes a strange turn through a misinterpretation of Camus’ “The Stranger.”

– The Silver Horse Pony Show (Harold and Mimi Steinberg Theatre Lab 2009, Theatre Row Reading 2009, London Institute of Contemporary Arts Reading 2008)

Walter Anderson returns home to New Jersey six years after abandoning his family. Soon his son figures out an old dime store novel Walter had written may be coming true.

One Acts:
– Carry the Zero (EST 2013 Marathon of One Act Plays, Pony Show Presents: Plays and Bands, 2012, EST Youngblood Virginity Brunch, 2011)

Carry the Zero by Christopher Sullivan gets the awkwardness of teenage hookup culture squeamishly right.” – The New York Times


carry the zero pic

And Richie’s Still Santa (EST/Youngblood “Holiday” Brunch, 2014)
– Gaza on the First Date (Playhouse Creatures, “Love and Politics” Festival, 2014)
– The Country House (EST/Youngblood “Asking for Trouble” Festival, 2014)
– Cosmic Blood Orgy Play (Pony Show Presents: Plays and Bands at The Silent Barn, 2014)
– Fuck Kurt Cobain (EST/Youngblood “21” Brunch, 2014)
– No Jazzin’ Before the Rumble (The “Green Plays” Festival, Gowanus Arts Production, 2014)
– Bright Dark Sunshine (The Tank Benefit, 2014, “Rule of” Festival, 2014)
– The Randos (Pony Show Presents: Plays and Bands at The Silent Barn, 2014)
– I Haven’t Seen Gremlins Since I was Five (Ugly Rhino Halloween Festival, 2013, EST/Youngblood “Holiday” Brunch, 2013)
– What a Way to Go (EST/Youngblood “Asking for Trouble” Festival, 2013)
– The Closing Doors (Rule of 8 Reading at The Tank, 2013)
– At the Mall (Six episodic short plays featured in #serials @ The Flea, 2012-2013)
– And Richie’s Santa Now (EST Youngblood Holiday Brunch, 2012)
– Congresswoman Harley and the Fight for Jimmy Jam Creek (EST Youngblood “52nd Street Project” Brunch, 2012)
– Brain Pon Bang (EST Youngblood “Asking For Trouble” Festival, 2012)
– Bounce With Me! We’re Being Heated! (Winner, Alred P. Sloan Foundation Prize, EST/Youngblood “Science” Brunch 2012)
– A Part of It (EST Youngblood “Occupy Wall Street” Brunch, 2011)
– Air New Smryna (Four episodic short plays in #serials @ The Flea, 2011, Online podcast, 2012)
– Schadenfreude (EST Youngblood “Asking For Trouble Festival” 2011)
– Polaroids of Horses (EST Youngblood “Confessional” Brunch, 2011)
– I Fucking Love Winning (EST Youngblood “Sports” Brunch, 2011)
– Jealous? (EST Youngblood “Asking For Trouble” Festival 2010)
– And Richie’s Still an Elf (EST/Youngblood “Holiday” Brunch 2010)
– Another Woman’s Rum (or Magnificent!) (NYU Festival of New Works, 2008)


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