Pony Show

Pony Show Presents is a series that bridges independent music and theater communities at affordable and accessible venues. Pony Show has curated short plays by emerging playwrights and music performances at venues such as Death by Audio, Cake Shop, Silent Barn, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge and elsewhere since 2011.


“The Halloween Plays”
October 27, 2014
Silent Barn

Plays by:
Abby Rosebrock
Willie Orbison
Chris Sullivan

w/ Journalism
Sic Tic
The Doubts


“Vernal Equinox” Plays
April 14, 2014
Silent Barn

Spring themed plays by:
Title: Point
Dan Moyer
Peter Mills Weiss
Chris Sullivan

w/ Butter the Children
The Adventures of the Silver Space Man
The Doubts

end of winter plays

“End of Winter” Plays
February 27th, 2013
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Plays by:
Eric Dufault
Brett Epstein
Chris Sullivan

w/ Advaeta
Milk Dick


Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
June 27th, 2012

Plays by:
Cary Gitter
Donaldo Prescott
Chris Sullivan

w/ Indian Rebound
Beach Arabs
Half Day


November 5, 2011
Cake Shop

Plays by:
Leah Nanako Winkler
Brian Otano
Ben Rosenthal

w/ Heavens Gate
Slow Animal
Perfect Teeth


June 23rd, 2011
Death By Audio

Plays by:
Rob Askins
Emily Chadick Weiss
Chris Sullivan

w/ Girlfriends
Tall Firs
The House Floor


February 3, 2011
Death By Audio

Plays by
Ryan Dowler
Mira Gibson
Chris Sullivan

w/ Happy New Year
North Highlands
The Eskalators
Sweet Bulbs


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